Welcome to my pothole on the Internet. I’m Emily! My nickname is ”squeak” — from which most of my usernames on the web are derived. I’m currently an undergraduate student at UW-Madison studying computer science, mathematics, and economics. Right now, I’m working as a system adminstrator intern at the Center for High-Throughput Computing.

My main hobby is puzzle-solving, which is where all my other interests stem from — I particularly enjoy competitive programming and coding games, such as Battlecode or Advent of Code. My main areas of interest in computer science are computer networks and low-level systems, among other topics such as computer vision, optimization, and robotics. In terms of math, I’m primarily interested in combinatorics, or more generally, probability theory.

In my free time, I like reading, playing poker, and listening to video game music. I also occasionally delve into math-related projects and visualizations as a means to create my own mathematics teaching style.


I like meeting interesting people — if you want to say hi or grab lunch with me, send an email at hello at emilyyao dot me! If you’re on campus, feel free to drop by during my office hours at the Undergraduate Projects Lab.