I made a post two weeks ago where I wrote about what I wanted to accomplish in my free time this summer. This is my first progress update.

My focus has primarily been on settling into a good routine where I can balance work and learning in my downtime. I teach summer camps in the morning which has helped me build a solid morning routine. I have plenty of free time in the afternoons, which I’ve been trying to put towards doing something useful.



Historically, I don’t have a good track record when it comes to self-paced online courses — I struggle a lot with finding an interesting yet not-too-difficult class. So far I’ve tried and dropped Caltech’s Learning From Data course because I didn’t understand how to do the homeworks — the answers were in Python, and I don’t know Python. I also gave MIT’s 18.06SC: Linear Algebra a shot, but it’s moving along very slowly. I think my hesitancy with this class comes from how I’m not confident at writing proofs. While I enjoy Gilbert Strang’s lectures, I blank when it comes to applying new concepts on my own.

Going back to how I don’t know Python: it’s been on my todo list for a long time. I never got around to actually learning Python, and most of my prior experience came from doing beginner Advent of Code problems. I did find a course that I’ve been working through (CS 220 from UW-Madison) and I’m about 1/3 of the way through. This has been my main focus for the past week as I’ve settled into this whole summer exploration thing.


Last week I managed to set up Kali Linux on my laptop after a bit of fiddling around. I’m not sure what I intend to do with it — so far I’ve just been trying out the Linux Fundamentals course on HTB Academy. I want to get more familiar with using terminal and other command line tools. I also plan to finish a cybersecurity certificate I started a long time ago.


After my last post, I spent a while working on my wiki website which is live now at There are still a few things I need to work out (such as the side TOC being wonky on mobile) but it’s a good start. I want to use somehow organize my notes and ramblings into comprehensive pages soon. This project will probably take a while until it is presentable. My main goal is to consistently update this during the school year and create something that can help other people, too.

“Enjoy that summer sun”

I am sunburnt



My first goal is to finish the CS 220 course which might take a bit longer than two weeks. I’d also like to finish both of the books I’m currently reading. Other side goals include: finishing the Linux course with HTB, cleaning up my old calculus notes on my wiki, and exiting my house to do something other than drive to work.