This is the second progress update (third post overall) in the series I started on what I want to accomplish this summer. Read my last post here.

Looking at my general goals from last time: I haven’t made much progress with Linux nor learned anything cybersecurity related. I did mess around with installing Ubuntu using UTM but I ended up putting it on the backburner. For the most part, I’ve been working through CS 220.



This past week I finished CS 220! Learning Python this way has honestly been a joy — the content at the beginning of the course came naturally since I had some coding experience, and the later topics (web scraping, databases) were fun to mess around with. I think I never had a chance to explore while learning Java because I was more focused on learning how to code, like learning syntax rules or what functions were, but now I can actually apply my knowledge. I want to get some more Python experience under my belt first, but my ultimate goal is to give Caltech’s Learning From Data another shot.

I was recommended UC Berkeley’s CS 61A by a friend, which I’ve picked up this week. There are three classes in the sequence: 61A, 61B, and 61C — 61B focuses on Java, which was something that I really wanted to review this summer. This is mostly because I want to compete in some AI programming games, like Battlecode or the Lux AI Challenge, and I want to brush up on Java before the competitions start.

Finally, I started a discrete math course because I need it for a prerequisite for my actual college classes, and I heard the one at UW-Madison is a disaster.


I finished Normal People by Sally Rooney. The ending was equal parts dissatisfying, ambiguous, and fitting.


The deadline for SoME2 is August 15th, which is in a month. I think I’m going to make something about Dijkstra’s algorithm, which is my favorite algorithm (that I know of). As far as animation and visuals go, I’m only familar with frame-by-frame hand-drawn animation — I’m going to play around with FlipaClip this week and see how that works out.


  • Current reads: Homegoing by Yaa Gyasi, At Night All Blood Is Black by David Diop


I’m focusing on balancing my two courses with my work schedule this week. I also want to finish another book and fiddle with my websites some more. Side goals: ICSI certification, break out the tablet and animate a little, and back up my favorite JCS crime videos somewhere.